Now being offered to bird feed markets
An amazing new birdfeed, NutraSaffTM Safflower, developed by scientists at STI especially for bird feeding markets, is being offered to wholesalers and distributors by Safflower Technologies International.  (Download a printable pdf flyer)

Preliminary findings show birds prefer NutraSaff to traditional safflower 2:1.

What's so great about NutraSaff?
  NutraSaff has an extremely thin outer hull - 40% thinner than traditional safflower
  NutraSaff has 15% more oil content
NutraSaff has 25% higher protein
NutraSaff has 30% higher fat content (energy)
  NutraSaff is an organic, "chemical free" feed; and is available either bulk or bagged
  Birds love it!  Squirrels do not!
What does NutraSaff offer my customers?
  Wild birds will have an easier time digesting and extracting the meal from NutraSaff safflower seeds
  NutraSaff provides higher energy sources with less waste than any other bird feed seed on the market
  Desirable birds will flock to feeders but the squirrels will stay away
  Studies show birds prefer Nutrasaff 2 to 1 over traditional safflower
  Read "New Seed Touted as Better For Birds" by Julia Zaher from the Grand Blanc News

What customers have to Say:


"I have NutraSaff in my feeders, and I am sold!  I have more bird species frequenting my feeders than I did with black oil sunflower seed and as an added bonus, the squirrels are not attracted to it at all!  I highly recommend this seed if you like less mess at your feeder."   


      Eaton Rapids, MI

       NutraSaff Comparisons
Normal Safflower
Whole Seed
NutraSaff Cross Section Compared with Normal Cross Section
NutraSaff Safflower
Whole Seed

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